Hi everyone!

I’m still alive (Thank God) and I’m really sorry for being inactive these months because reality really bites me… for better or worse. Just for your information, I’m not dropping my current project, which is Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen 3 - Thumbelina Prince with Yuki Kaji. It’s just that………

Congratulations on your marriage, Razu-san!! I wish you the best of luck in this new stage of your life!! :)


Generations - Kakihara Tetsuya, 1st Live ‘Generations’

Please do not reupload without asking first.


some cool chibis


It’s not about the muscles, really. It’s about how his precious little sister has picked up a certain nerd’s gesture… I just really love the ReiGou moments last ep. xD

It’s unusual I made a comic from Left to Right usually it’s the opposite. OxO;;

my precious Mikorin (。♥‿♥。)

Motefuku _ Aoi & Yoshitaka